SPARK MEDIA is a boutique visual effects company for the film and television industries located in Burbank, California. Our mission is to provide the highest quality solutions to our client’s visual effects needs in a cost-effective manner. We are unique in that we can deliver high-end work under tight budgetary restrictions. Services include 2D, 2.5D Planer and 3D tracking using specialized software from 2d3 and Imagineer Systems, compositing using After Effects, rig removal, logo animation, main titles for films and show opens for television.

Since most jobs are concurrent with the editing process, our Avid Media Composer with full screen HD 5.1 Playback allows for tight integration with the offline and online process. Deliverables can be native to the online format, either Smoke, Avid or FCP, making the finishing process a breeze.

Clients include DreamWorks Pictures, Disney, CBS Television, FOX Sports and DrimTim Entertainment as well as numerous Hollywood production companies serving the cable and broadcast television networks.

Paul Stephen Carlin is the founder of SPARK MEDIA. He has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the industry from image acquisition to final post. His well rounded education in award winning photography, as well as the technical intricacies of digital media production, allow him to have a wide perspective when approaching a clients request. His desire to take things apart as a child serves him well today as he is always up on the latest in technology. His knowledge of the ever-changing post industry allows him to come up with efficient workflows and
recommendations for his clients in this new and complicated HD tapeless world. He is a Certified Discreet Trainer for Autodesk’s Smoke and has written articles and reviews for such publications as DV Magazine.